Stabilize - Equip - Empower - Develop

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S.E.E.D. of Hope Global


Executive Director, Lenin at a home visit delivering rice and beans for the family.

Often communities struggling with poverty focus on basic survival needs.  The first thing we do when we start working in a family or community is bring stability through providing the most basic needs, food shelter and clothing to give them an opportunity to live for the future.


Teaching kids literacy in a culture where all can’t go to school.

Often people struggling with poverty do not believe that their life can be better.  As a result, learned skills can go unused, opportunities can be missed and yet another generation could be stuck in poverty.  Empowerment turns over control and sets people free through loving guidance and encouragement while backing away.


Teaching and releasing workers in the harvest. (Luke 10:2)

To prepare – We strive to move families and communities from providing basic needs to teach and mentor how to gain the required skills to be self sufficient.


Seed of Hope Global /Jeremiah’s Hope USA works through relationships.  Therefore we maintain a  support in relationships  through coaching and mentoring those we work with.  Often this takes the form of consulting and ongoing encouragement as we bring out the capabilities of those we work with.

Mission Statement

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